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    • For orders of 50,000 ₩ and above, delivery is free.


    There is no return, but THERE IS AN EXCHANGE.
    Read the exchange rules:

    The exchange of goods of proper quality is possible if its presentation, consumer properties, factory labels and labels are preserved. Make sure that the appearance of the product corresponds to the presentation of the new product (without foreign odors and impurities).

    We ask you to try on over clothes (T-shirts, tops, tights, leggings, etc.).
    We hope for your understanding

    When exchanging goods of proper quality that did not fit the size / style, transportation services (mail costs) are PAID BY the BUYER! 

    The exchange is possible within THREE WORKING DAYS, from the moment of receipt of the goods by the buyer.

    The exchange takes place once, for a similar model of a larger or smaller size or, in the absence of this model or size, for any other thing from the availability at a similar cost, or higher, with an appropriate surcharge.

    ALL goods presented in the store are subject to exchange, except for PROMOTIONAL goods and DISCOUNTED goods


    You can submit your questions using feedback and also with the help of the following options:


  • Size Guide

    Size Guide

    Breast volume — OG (cm) Volume under the breast — OPG (cm) Final size OG-OPG (cm)
    75-80 65-70 70A 10 cm
    81-85 71-75 75A 10 cm
    86-90 76-80 80A 10 cm
    91-95 81-85 85A 10 cm
    77-82 65-70 70B 12 cm
    83-87 71-75 75B 12 cm
    88-92 76-80 80B 12 cm
    93-97 81-85 85B 12 cm
    98-102 86-90 90B 12 cm
    103-107 91-95 95B 12 cm
    108-112 96-100 100B 12 cm
    113-117 101-105 105B 12 cm
    79-84 65-70 70C 14 cm
    85-89 71-75 75C 14 cm
    90-94 76-80 80C 14 cm
    95-99 81-85 85C 14 cm
    100-104 86-90 90C 14 cm
    105-109 91-95 95C 14 cm
    110-114 96-100 100C 14 cm
    115-119 101-105 105C 14 cm
    81-86 65-70 70D 16 cm
    87-91 71-75 75D 16 cm
    92-96 76-80 80D 16 cm
    97-101 81-85 85D 16 cm
    102-106 86-90 90D 16 cm
    107-111 91-95 95D 16 cm
    112-116 96-100 100D 16 cm
    117-121 101-105 105D 16 cm
    83-88 65-70 70E 18 cm
    89-93 71-75 75E 18 cm
    94-98 76-80 80E 18 cm
    99-103 81-85 85E 18 cm
    104-108 86-90 90E 18 cm
    109-113 91-95 95E 18 cm
    114-118 96-100 100E 18 cm
    119-123 101-105 105E 18 cm

    How do I find out the exact bra size?

    It is necessary to replace two parameters: the girth under the chest (OPG) and the girth of the chest (OG).

    It is very important TO MEASURE THE PARAMETERS IN THE BRA! Preferably, on the bones and without foam.

    Next, we calculate the difference, OG — OPG =…

    The resulting number is the size of the cup:

    10 cm — cup A
    12 cm — cup B
    14 cm — cup С
    16cm — cup D, etc.

    Girth under the breast (OPG) is your bra volume:
    65-70 cm is the volume of 70
    64-74 cm is the volume of 75
    76-80 cm is the volume of 80
    81-85 cm is the volume of 85
    86-90 cm is the volume of 90

    Calculating the difference

    (OG) 92cm — (OPG) 78cm = 14cm.

    We are looking for our figures in the above data.

    As a result, we get a size of 80C.

    BUT, do not forget that all manufacturers of underwear have an individual size grid. Therefore, small discrepancies are possible.

    Also, there is a concept: "parallel size" (PR)


    That is, for each bra size, you can choose a parallel size (PR), which will also fit well.


    For example, if your size is 80C, then your PR is 75D and 85B, that is:

    ⁃ minus one size in volume and plus one size in cup (75D);

    ⁃ plus one size in volume and minus one size in cup (85B).


    PR come to the rescue in the following cases:

    ⁃ When your basic size is not available.

    ⁃ The desire to wear a bra tighter in volume.

    ⁃ The desire to wear a bra looser in volume.

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We recommend washing underwear by hand

When machine washing, choose a mode for delicate fabrics

For washing, use special liquid products or products for children's underwear

Dry your laundry naturally, do not resort to automatic drying

When machine washing bodices, we recommend using a mesh bag

The water temperature should not exceed 30 °C

Wash underwear separately from the rest of the clothes sort by color

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